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BB Couture the nail polish of choice by You Are The Supermodel!

We are very happy to be using BB Couture Nail Polish on You Are The Supermodel!! Our hosts just LOVE the vibrant colors. The quick drying is very important as we sometimes only give the actresses 5 minutes or less to put a coat on for the show!! My good friend at Overall Beauty sells this wonderful polish and you need to go check out her site for this and MUCH more. ( While you are there check out one of my personal favorites, Magic Lash Eye Enhancer. Honestly, this stuff WORKS!! Make your lashes as long as you want ( warning, may hit your glasses if you put on too many layers,  as this has really happened to my friend Kim!)


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Cheap and easy way to make fangs for your costume

So we are in production for Slay Angels and our demon needs fangs. We could edit the fangs in afterwards, but we really wanted some good still pics with fangs. So, Sunanda, our makeup artist, to the rescue! Anyone have false nails? I just happend to have a box of those things. So she takes out the small pinky size nails and used some denture adhesive ( don’t ask where that came from, I do not wear dentures!) and now we have fangs on our Skank the Demon! Now of course only use the white ones, I don’t think pink would look so good somehow! And get this, you can also file them and sharpen them if you want. The tricks and tips I am learning, amazing!



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