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Slay Angels hot makeup!

If you haven’t visited our Slay Angels website and you love vampires then you are in for a treat! Go to and see the trailer for the exciting new series we are producing. Sign up so we can keep you informed of some exciting new giveaways and contests as we get closer to the launch date of Feb. 19th 2009.  Beauty Cast has some exciting news of new releases in the works, so make sure you are signed up as a subscriber there too. Happy New Year!!! 2009 is going to rock!!


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Those scary false eyelashes!!

Crazy Eye Lashes!

Crazy Eye Lashes!

Seems like everyone is having a go at those scary false eyelashes! We all have that fear that they will fall off, or look ridiculous. Me included. So when our make up artist started showing us how easy it can be, it was a pleasant surprise! Throughout our DVDs we show how you measure them to your eye, how to apply with the glue, how to apply make up after applying the false eyelashes so they look real. She even shows how to stack the lashes, which is interesting. Oh, and for the holidays, how to make a cheaper pair of lashes into very fancy, by applying just the right amount of glitter.

Now, if the thought of false eyelashes still makes you shiver with fear, then be sure to check out my good friend Kim’s Magic Lash Enhancer. It is awesome, and we have also shown this in a few of our tutorials. I use this myself. Safe to use, easy and quick. Gives you huge long lashes. In fact Kim ( told me that sometimes the lashes get so long if she applies a couple of coats, that her lashes touch her glasses!! LOL! That is funny.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and go and try a pair of false eyelashes if you haven’t already. Your partner will be pleased at the look!

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Beauty Cast on YouTube

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Who wants to be a Genie Goddess this Halloween?

One of our top sellers is our Genie Goddess look. Those hot, sexy, seductive eyes, good for almost any costume and then those nights when you just have to look your hottest! From now through Halloween, this download tutorial is only 99c. Buy one, buy them all. Build your own library.

Genie Goddess

Genie Goddess

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