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Last minute Christmas shopping?

I know the malls are crowded! And this is worldwide! I am presently in Scotland, taking care of my Mum just out of the hospital as well as shooting backgrounds for our exciting new Slay Angels webisodes ( yes shameless plug!!)So for those last minute stocking stuffer, every woman wants idea, why not buy our The Holiday Collection DVD? This DVD is full of hints, tips and tricks for sexy, glamorous makeup for ANY time of the year. $9.99, and still in time to get them sent before Christmas.  Myself? I have done most of my shopping on the internet, beats the crowds any day! Happy Holidays!!


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New Year’s Party

Oh no, what will I wear! I have to look just perfect. Heard this before? Most likely you will find that perfect outfit, the glamorous dress you have had your eye on for ages. Did you stop to think that the makeup you wear is just as important or perhaps more important than the dress you will wear? What is the first thing people see when they say hello to you? Your face! So for the insane price of $9.95 you can buy The Holiday Collection DVD from the award winning Beauty Cast, which will show you how to get the exact look you need for that New Year’s party. Use your own makeup, our techniques, with easy step by step instructions. You will be the Belle of the ball this year!

Happy New Year!

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Hurtling towards the holidays!


So now Halloween is over, and we hurtle on through the year towards Christmas and New Year. Oh yes, I forgot that Thanksgiving is somewhere in there, but if we go by the standard of major stores beginning with a W for example, we are already at Christmas!! So here’s the thing. You want to look hot and sexy for all those holiday events. The office party ( catch the eye of that guy who walks right past you every day) the parties that your friends will invite you to, and the flashy New Year party where everything sparkles, including our eyes! But we can sometimes go a bit overboard with the party look, and end up looking like a clown. Too much color, not enough color but tons of glitter and so on. Multiple award winning Beauty Cast has produced a Holiday Collection DVD which shows you the techniques tips and tricks to get you noticed, in a good way! The DVD shows several different looks for you to choose from. Use it over the holidays, and anytime through the year when you want pure glamor! Try out the looks in the privacy of your own home, using your own make up. One more thing. These DVDs are an amazing gift for any woman on your Christmas list. Mom, sister, Aunt, friend, co worker. Make a basket out of the DVD and a selection of makeup, or just by itself for a wonderful unique gift.Available at Beauty Cast for the affordable price of just $9.99.





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Need a dirty face for Halloween?

Now here’s the thing. Beauty Cast shows you how to be glamorous for those sexy costumes ( which are getting shorter each year, but that’s another story!) Who doesn’t want to be glamorous? Well, there are a few of us out there who have the costume that calls for not so much of the glamorous look, but a dirty grimey, just been pulled out of an explosion kind of look! So as we are filming for our new Slay Angels episodes, I learned this neat trick from our makeup artist. How to get a very realistic dirty face with your makeup. Pull out your mascara ( find your oldest, cheapest one!) and brush in the places over the face, neck, arms, even nails, where you want to be dirty. After you have brushed, just use your finger to smudge it a bit, and voila. You didn’t have to go in the back yard and get real dirt, or buy that nasty grease paint makeup they bring out for Halloween. Now, just one last thing, remember if you are looking for glamor, go to our website There are no dirty faces there!

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Production started on Slay Angels webisodes!

Very exciting news for our company, ElectricBear Studios.We have officially started production of our long awaited webisodes this week! Slay Angels.  We are filming the pilot, to be released before Halloween, with a total of 12 webisodes to be released, each at 22 minutes in length. The story line revolves around a sexy female vampire named Raine,  and a sexy female demon named Scarlet, believe it or not, they are the last hope for salvation for mankind. Intriguing!! I can only tell you so much, you will have to stay tuned at for further info including photo shoots, release dates etc.

Raine, Slay Angel

Raine, Slay Angel

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