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BB Couture the nail polish of choice by You Are The Supermodel!

We are very happy to be using BB Couture Nail Polish on You Are The Supermodel!! Our hosts just LOVE the vibrant colors. The quick drying is very important as we sometimes only give the actresses 5 minutes or less to put a coat on for the show!! My good friend at Overall Beauty sells this wonderful polish and you need to go check out her site for this and MUCH more. ( While you are there check out one of my personal favorites, Magic Lash Eye Enhancer. Honestly, this stuff WORKS!! Make your lashes as long as you want ( warning, may hit your glasses if you put on too many layers,  as this has really happened to my friend Kim!)


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You Are The Supermodel ready to air on TV in September!!

With our amazing hosts Andrea and Jenny, we are on our way to airing our new series “You Are The Supermodel” Each episode will have a full tutorial for you to follow along with, as our hosts give you hints, tips and techniques along the way…..Stay posted for more info on which channels you will be able to pick up this exciting show you can’t miss!!

You Are The Supermodel goes live!!

You are The Supermodel Hosts WHITE BK

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SlayAngels wearing BB Couture Nail Polish Colors!!

” The Rescue of Raine”  will be where you will start seeing BB Couture nail polish on their main characters!

Offering pulse pounding music and special effects help bring you the viewer into the dark world of the Slay Angels! 3 incredibly beautiful women(Vampire/Demon/Mortal) seek out immortal souls while showing their best attributes!

In Episode 3 you see Scarlet as a blond in Episode 4 you see her as a dark haired mystery woman. She is a demon you can’t help but want to love!

Episode 4 you are going to see Balboa Beach Bunny in a dark and mysterious place on the nails of our favorite Demon called Scarlet!

Scarlet Demon of Slayangels!

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Special Effects makeup on set

Beauty Cast and Slay Angels are going from glamor to special effects….our makeup artist has poor Raine in the clutches of Bear and Silas. Follow along with the storyline of Slay Angels at as our sexy vampire and sexy demon take upon tasks to ultimately gain a soul. Not so easy is it!!

Tortured Slay Angel

Tortured Slay Angel

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Slay Angels hot makeup!

If you haven’t visited our Slay Angels website and you love vampires then you are in for a treat! Go to and see the trailer for the exciting new series we are producing. Sign up so we can keep you informed of some exciting new giveaways and contests as we get closer to the launch date of Feb. 19th 2009.  Beauty Cast has some exciting news of new releases in the works, so make sure you are signed up as a subscriber there too. Happy New Year!!! 2009 is going to rock!!

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Production continues on Slay Angels

Been a busy week. Let the slaying begin! LOL! Our actresses are amazing. The makeup is incredible. ( I see a new Beauty Cast DVD on the horizon!)  The editing looks phenomenal. We are rocking!! Check out the new MySpace page, still under construction.



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Production started on Slay Angels webisodes!

Very exciting news for our company, ElectricBear Studios.We have officially started production of our long awaited webisodes this week! Slay Angels.  We are filming the pilot, to be released before Halloween, with a total of 12 webisodes to be released, each at 22 minutes in length. The story line revolves around a sexy female vampire named Raine,  and a sexy female demon named Scarlet, believe it or not, they are the last hope for salvation for mankind. Intriguing!! I can only tell you so much, you will have to stay tuned at for further info including photo shoots, release dates etc.

Raine, Slay Angel

Raine, Slay Angel

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Welcome to You Are a Super Model!

This is our very first post on you are a super model brand new blog! We hope to keep you up to date on the going on’s of Beauty Cast and the gang! Right now I should be playing in the water cause I am getting my diving permit soon, but I had to say something here first. We got DVD’s you know you will want, friends will be stopping by to say something, you never know who might show up!

With Halloween coming, I thought maybe tomorrow I would start off by telling you more about our Halloween Collection of Makeup Tips. You all want to be pretty for Halloween right?

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