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Need a dirty face for Halloween?

Now here’s the thing. Beauty Cast shows you how to be glamorous for those sexy costumes ( which are getting shorter each year, but that’s another story!) Who doesn’t want to be glamorous? Well, there are a few of us out there who have the costume that calls for not so much of the glamorous look, but a dirty grimey, just been pulled out of an explosion kind of look! So as we are filming for our new Slay Angels episodes, I learned this neat trick from our makeup artist. How to get a very realistic dirty face with your makeup. Pull out your mascara ( find your oldest, cheapest one!) and brush in the places over the face, neck, arms, even nails, where you want to be dirty. After you have brushed, just use your finger to smudge it a bit, and voila. You didn’t have to go in the back yard and get real dirt, or buy that nasty grease paint makeup they bring out for Halloween. Now, just one last thing, remember if you are looking for glamor, go to our website There are no dirty faces there!


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