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Playboy Bunny for Halloween

This look is available from Beauty Cast on our Halloween Collection DVD Vol. 1 and is one of my personal favorites. This sexy look can be used all year round, as it is just a smokey, smoldering look! You know the kind you want for those special occasions!  Even if you are not going as a bodacious bunny this year, you can use it to enhance many of this year’s sexy costumes.

Playboy Bunny

Playboy Bunny


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Sexy Referee for Halloween

Sexy Referee is always a favorite! Something about those women with whistles that men find hard to resist!! With today’s sexy, short costumes, you just have to have the most glamorous makeup look possible! That’s where Beauty Cast comes in! For less than a dollar, you can download one full glamorous tutorial showing you in detail how to be the best referee. You have the costume, now learn how to get the look! Beauty Cast



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Halloween traditions from Scotland

I grew up in Scotland, and have some fond memories of Halloween. Getting the candies was not such an easy task as it is today! We would go up to the door, say trick or treat, and actually have to do something, like recite a poem, or do a little dance in order to get the treat. No costumes to choose from like there are in the stores now. I think it was more like ” Mum, do you have a spare sheet I can put eye holes in for my ghost” or maybe if we were lucky, a hat. Fond memories of youth. I do hear Halloween is becoming a bigger thing now in the UK, up until a few years ago, it was still a children’s event, not so much for adults.

Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend!

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Cheap and easy way to make fangs for your costume

So we are in production for Slay Angels and our demon needs fangs. We could edit the fangs in afterwards, but we really wanted some good still pics with fangs. So, Sunanda, our makeup artist, to the rescue! Anyone have false nails? I just happend to have a box of those things. So she takes out the small pinky size nails and used some denture adhesive ( don’t ask where that came from, I do not wear dentures!) and now we have fangs on our Skank the Demon! Now of course only use the white ones, I don’t think pink would look so good somehow! And get this, you can also file them and sharpen them if you want. The tricks and tips I am learning, amazing!



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Halloween makeup tips and tricks

Beauty Cast sets out to show you how to apply glamorous makeup for your sexy hot costume ( the ones that just get shorter each year!) For those of you who choose not to use your own makeup, with Beauty Cast techniques, you will probably buy that Halloween makeup from the drug store. Now, this goes on easy, stays on, and looks reasonable for the most part. If you choose to use anything other than your own good quality makeup, the drug store makeup is such low quality If you can find a magic shop, you could upgrade a little to stage makeup. A bit more expensive, but much better than the cheap drug store Halloween makeup. If you have that sexy outfit, I am sure you don’t want greasy makeup marks all over it!!

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Production continues on Slay Angels

Been a busy week. Let the slaying begin! LOL! Our actresses are amazing. The makeup is incredible. ( I see a new Beauty Cast DVD on the horizon!)  The editing looks phenomenal. We are rocking!! Check out the new MySpace page, still under construction.



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Dark Fairy for Halloween

This is one of my favorite looks for Halloween. As you can see from the before and after, this sweet little blonde model, Angie, turned into something quite different, all from the wonders of makeup! Funny story to add here. Angie has a little boy in pre school. At the end of this shoot, she was running late, didn’t take off her makeup ( remember this was nowhere near Halloween, we shot this in August of last year) and went directly to the pre school to pick up her little one. Now, I am sure the tongues were wagging that day, as to what on earth Angie is up to while her son is in school!! We did have a laugh over this. So, anyway, you can see from this before and after pic that we took her look to a new dimension! This look is included in our 99c download sale which runs through Halloween. Dark Fairy is very sexy, and doesn’t really have to be a fairy. Just another hot look from Beauty Cast

Dark Fairy

Dark Fairy

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Need a dirty face for Halloween?

Now here’s the thing. Beauty Cast shows you how to be glamorous for those sexy costumes ( which are getting shorter each year, but that’s another story!) Who doesn’t want to be glamorous? Well, there are a few of us out there who have the costume that calls for not so much of the glamorous look, but a dirty grimey, just been pulled out of an explosion kind of look! So as we are filming for our new Slay Angels episodes, I learned this neat trick from our makeup artist. How to get a very realistic dirty face with your makeup. Pull out your mascara ( find your oldest, cheapest one!) and brush in the places over the face, neck, arms, even nails, where you want to be dirty. After you have brushed, just use your finger to smudge it a bit, and voila. You didn’t have to go in the back yard and get real dirt, or buy that nasty grease paint makeup they bring out for Halloween. Now, just one last thing, remember if you are looking for glamor, go to our website There are no dirty faces there!

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Production started on Slay Angels webisodes!

Very exciting news for our company, ElectricBear Studios.We have officially started production of our long awaited webisodes this week! Slay Angels.  We are filming the pilot, to be released before Halloween, with a total of 12 webisodes to be released, each at 22 minutes in length. The story line revolves around a sexy female vampire named Raine,  and a sexy female demon named Scarlet, believe it or not, they are the last hope for salvation for mankind. Intriguing!! I can only tell you so much, you will have to stay tuned at for further info including photo shoots, release dates etc.

Raine, Slay Angel

Raine, Slay Angel

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Halloween Makeup Who Do You Want to be?

I was out wandering around the web, its just something I do every now and then. I came across this beauty blog and found that wow she is into Halloween Makeup! Even to write a blog post about it! So I have added some of it here because I had no idea she was one of the proud owners of our Halloween Makeup Collection DVD! Its amazing how that one little DVD is getting all over the place!

I really like what she wrote so I asked if I could add some of it here for you to enjoy as much as I did. You can visit

Halloween Makeup ~ Who do you want to be this year?

Halloween comes around every year, and every year there is some Halloween party you been invited to. And as usual you are not even sure you want to go, why? Because you never seem to be able to create the right look to go along with the Halloween costume you just spend money on. Most men really dig going looking as grossed out as possible and some years you are cool about it but what if this year that just isn’t your thing? What if you want to really be that sexy playboy bunny or Marilyn Monroe, evil genie, a fairy or something like that? And you are just not sure how to do your Halloween makeup? You just don’t want to go one more year wearing ripped up clothes, and dirty things.

This year you are going to be wearing a costume that is going to turn you into a knockout! Making every man in the room wish they were your date! Now you know if you buy the wig, shoes and more its going to cost you almost $100.00 plus costume! Do you want your Halloween makeup to reflect you normal everyday makeup or do you to really look like a playboy bunny, or farm maid, sexy cop? They show all the amazing Halloween makeup looks on the packaging, how do you feel about creating one like that?

Besides one of the reasons we dress up for Halloween is to truly be someone we would never be in real life. Temptress’s of the night anyone?

The style of Halloween makeup you will need to do is going to be a bit harder to do because you need more but not looking like you went at it with a paint brush.

Anywhoo to read the rest of this really cool article visit Secrets of Beauty

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